Apple iPhone 11 specs camera release date price

Apple has been heavily criticized when the tech giant introduced the world to the “Notch.” It looks like Apple wants to continue on this path, which could doom the future of the iPhone 11 camera.

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Apple and the history of bad designs

Initially, Apple defended the design choice of the notch by saying that it was necessary to house the camera unit alongside the FaceID.

If the recent design leaks and renders are correct, then this Apple should rethink their design choices.

A design leak showcased by a YouTube Channel called EverythingApplePro had got a lot of attention from significant publications for all the wrong reasons.

iPhone 11

Forbes reports that the rear camera designs in the recent iPhone 11 leaks are ugly. It went on to coin a term “stove top” for the squircle camera bump showcased in the leaked images.

There is no doubt that Apple will defend this design by giving their own weird and out of the box reasons and dedicated Apple fans will buy the iPhone 11.

We expect that many other smartphone makers will also follow Apple even though the design will not provide any functionality for their smartphones.

It is not something that we are making up. Look at the notch after iPhone X every other smartphone maker tried to implement the notch. These smartphone makers did even after many gadget reviewers called the notch ugly and unnecessary addition.

Apple iPhone 11 could lose ground in the smartphone innovation

The design choices and pricing combined with the current escalation between the US and China could harm Apple.

iPhone 11 Four Camera Setup

The rumored prices of iPhone 11 indicate that it will not be a budget shooter. Google, on the other hand, has been pushing hard by launching its highly competitive Pixel 3A, which features the best camera.

Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo are leading innovations by introducing under the display front camera.

Looking at the competitors it is high time that Apple should rethink its smartphone design and pricing strategy