US President Donald Trump introduced a new tariff plan. None of the changes are favourable for the trade profits of China. A US China trade war might be rage soon.

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US China trade war: Trump’s tariff plan

The US President Donald Trump in the new imposed tarrif, made a change of increased tarrif upto 25% from 10%. China government expressed disappointment against changes introduced by Trump.

US China trade war: Trump's tariff plan

US President Donald Trump said that these changes and the war that is going on in the trade section between US and China will not ever effect the relations between US and China. With that US President Donald Trump also said, that both the countries are still sharing a “VERY STRONG” bond.

 US China trade war: Trump's tariff plan triggers Chinese government

  • China’s Reaction- China is clearly not happy with this change. China government made a statement that they are also going to made some similar changes in their new tariff. These changes, implemented shortly is indicative of a war.
  • Products Affected- Some of the affected products that are made by China and was imported to US for trade purpose are-
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Handbags
  • Modem routers and many such internet usability products
  • Burglar and fire alarms
  • Computer parts such as motherboards
  • Home usage lights and LED’s

The above mentioned items are illustrative and not exhaustive.US China trade war: China to retaliate with their set of tariff policy

It’s China’s turn to put forward new tarrif’s, as they already said that they will for sure put forward a new and similar teffir plan, which I guess is going to effect the products that are being imported in China from US.

Let us wait for the changes that China is going to make. It would be interesting to see the changes and how they are going to effect the US products being imported to China.