Donald Trump declares new stringent sanctions. This time it is against Cuba. The administration will now tighten the restrictions. This is on travel to Cuba. This is inclusive of the remittances. The president will now reverse the engagement policies. These engagement policies have been there since the era of Obama. So, wait If you are planning a travel trip to Cuba. Here is all you need to know before you finalize plans.

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Donald Trump puts sanctions against Cuba

America now puts sanctions against Cuba. Because of this any travel to Cuba will be restricted. However, this is for any other reason apart from family visits.

According to the administration, this is an effort to restrict travel. This is because travel is deemed as “veiled tourism.” This is according to a high ranking officer. This officer, however, does not want his name to be publicized.

Donald Trump restricts travel to Cuba
Donald Trump restricts travel to Cuba
Source: Carribean Island

Moreover, this will end the cruises. These cruises were initiated during the time of President Obama. It happened because of expansion. This expansion is in the categories of travel. It includes everything that is allowed.

Other impacts

This sanction will impact air travel as well. This is because of the decrease in the number of passengers. According to the law of the United States, only 12 travel categories are allowed.

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This includes educational visits and people to people contact. It is also inclusive of professional as well as research work.

Moreover, the new remittance will be generous. This is only because the administration does not want to hurt the families.

Donald Trump restricts travel to Cuba
Laws of remittance of Obama’s era abolished
Source: Time Dot Com

Remittances will be capped. The capping is at $1000 for every person. Moreover, this is for a time period of three years.

This is the complete opposite of remittances during the administration of Obama. During then, unlimited remittances were allowed.

This was done then so as to benefit the citizens of Cuba. Because of the assumption that inflow of capital will affect the economy positively.

This sanction also stops the “U-turn” transactions. These are performed by the companies as well as banks of Cuba. The transactions are in third countries. Moreover, it passes indirectly via the banking system of the U.S.

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