iPhone 11 release date news WWDC 2019

It has been a while since Apple has released a new iPhone and the people can’t wait no more. Last year, Apple didn’t release an original iPhone and just launched the XR and XS variants of iPhone X. The sales got down and Apple realized that it needs to work on a new iPhone. It was then revealed that Apple is working on iPhone 11 with brand new features and amazing specs.

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While there so many leaks about the cameras of iPhone 11, none of them confirms the release date. Apple is going to make big announcements next Monday at WWDC 2019 event. Will Apple release the iPhone 11 in WWDC 2019? Let us find out the answer to this question which everyone has been asking.

iPhone 11 at WWDC 2019?

iPhone 11 release date news WWDC 2019

Apple has organized the WWDC 2019 event at San Jose, CA and it will run from Monday, June 3 to Friday, June 7. There will be a keynote event on the first day, and all the major announcement will happen there and a schedule of the upcoming days will also be provided. Now, the most important part is whether Apple will release the iPhone 11 at WWDC or not.
WWDC is mostly a tech event for developers where most of the new software updates are released to Apple developers. Apple is releasing its latest iOS 13, macOS 10.15, new watchOS and TVos, and other updates. There are very chances of Apple launching iPhone 11 at WWDC next month. The maximum we can expect is that Apple hints about any new feature of the iPhone 11 at the end of WWDC 2019.

iPhone 11 Release Date

iPhone 11 release date news WWDC 2019

Every year Apple releases all of its new devices at the annual September Apple event. Almost, all of the previous iPhones were also launched during September over the last few years. It is very unlikely that Apple does a surprise launch for iPhone 11. Although, given the lack of hype in users for iPhone 11, anything could be possible. If everything goes as per the routine, Apple will release the iPhone 11 in September, 2019.