Samsung Galaxy S10 Not the best smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 is among the most popular smartphones of 2019. Samsung’s flagship device, the phone was announced in February of this year and was available from March. However, is the phone truly the best phone of the year so far? While many may agree – Forbes doesn’t look like it is on the S10 bandwagon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Not Best Samsung Smartphone of 2019
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Let us take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 review that Forbes’ Gordon Kelly has and which is the phone which he believes can be better than the S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Not The Best Phone of 2019?

According to Kelly, “the smart money” says one must wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This is because Samsung has a number of new technologies available, but it appears that the company took a shortcut here.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Forbes Gordon Kelly
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This is because Samsung has some new technologies available, but they didn’t introduce them on the S10. These include the likes of UFS 3.0 storage, which is considerably faster than UFS 2.1 – given that UFS 3.0 will be a part of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, questions are raised as to why Samsung didn’t introduce it in Samsung Galaxy S10 – their flagship smartphone.

Does Samsung Galaxy S10 have Security Flaws?

Forbes points out that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a number of security flaws when compared with other Samsung smartphones. It added:

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10

“The Galaxy S10 actually has worse facial recognition than its predecessor and tests this week have revealed it can be fooled by almost anything. Galaxy S10 models have so far been unlocked with a photo, a video, and even a sister!”

The solutions proposed by Forbes are to either rely solely on the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor or to wait for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.