Google Stadia event livestream

Google is going to revolutionize the gaming world soon with its new cloud gaming technology Stadia. The search engine giant has come up with the most amazing gaming concept which does not require any box.

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Google Stadia is a cloud gaming concept, which uses streaming of game on your screens, while the real game runs on servers in the background. Google has yet to reveal how much Stadia subscription will cost a user. The upcoming Stadia Event is here, and Google will reveal most of the details here.

Google Stadia Event Timings

The official Twitter handle for Google Stadia has revealed to the world about their upcoming event. The first ever Stadia connect meet is organized by Google on June 6, Thursday at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 9:30 pm IST time. It is speculated that Google will announce a release date along with the subscription plans at this Stadia event.

Countries to get Google Stadia

Google Stadia is based on the cloud gaming technology, where a user just needs a screen and a remote control. The main game is being run on Google servers distributed uniformly. Through high-speed internet, the Game is streamed to a user without any delay or installation issues. As of right now, Google Stadia is going to be released in the US, UK, Canada, and some of the European countries. Google is also planning to release it in Asian countries, with China in 2020 and India in 2021.

How to Live Stream the Event?

As per the reports, big games such as Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Doom eternal, etc are going to be released on Google Stadia. In such time, every person out there wants to watch the event live along with the rest of the world.

Google has made the Stadia channel on YouTube to live stream the Stadia event. One can easily go to the YouTube page and live stream the entire event for free and get the latest updates about Google Stadia.