Battle Royale games are insanely popular these days. Fortnite and PUBG are among two of the most successful such games of all times. However, a third name has now entered into the fold – Apex Legends. This game is developed Electronic Art (EA) – and is out for PC and console gamers.

The company is planning for a mobile release as well! Here, we take a look at what makes the Apex Legends map so special and the best loot zones in the map.

Apex Legends Map Best Loot Zones
Image: PCGamer

What differentiates the Apex Legends map from the maps of other games is that there are set loot tiers. You know beforehand that landing at a particular place is going to give you better resources than other places. This is unlike other games where there are no loot zones and loot is distributed at random.

Let us take a closer look at some of the best loot zones in the Apex Legends map:

High-Tier Loot Zones in Apex Legends Map

Here are the ‘high tier’ loot zones, which give you the best loot in the game:

Apex Legends Map Best Loot Zones Artillery
Image: PCGamer

The Artillery is one of the best places to loot in Apex legends. It provides a lot of supplies – and it is evident by the high number of people who start their game here. Artillery provides so many supplies that your entire squad can equip their inventory here. Moreover, there are tunnels, rooftops and farms which are also full of supplies!

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Apex Legends Map Best Loot Zones Thunderdome
Image: PCGamer

Another great place for loots in Apex legends map is the Thunderdome. Here, you can get cages full of supply! Settlements to the West and South, as well as Skull Town, offer great supplies here. Moreover, there are enough stones here where you can hide behind during fights.

supply ship
Apex Legends Map Best Loot Zones Supply Ship
Image: PCGamer

The Supply Ship is another high-tier zone where a large number of supplies are present. (hence the name, lol). One cool thing to take note here is that you can find a tier-3 armour at a centre from time to time. The area takes less than a minute to loot completely and you get the best and most premium of supplies here. The supply ship has three entrances but no covers, so watch out!

Apex Legends Map Best Loot Zones Bunker
Image: PCGamer

This is another great area for those looking for high tier loot on the Apex Legends map. If you take the stairs that go down towards east, there are three rooms on the bottom which are full of great loot! However, the thing about bunker is – that you are almost always going to get into a fight here, so be careful!

Apex Legends Map Best Loot Zones Airbase
Image: PCGamer

Airbase is one of the best high tier loot areas in the Apex Legends map. The airbase offers a LOT of supplies but the only problem is that they are spread all over it so it may take you some time to cover the entire area. There are two aircrafts inside which you can find supplies! There are buildings, as well as supply bins which you can loot here.