EA Looking To Bring Apex Legends To Android And iOS

Apex Legends has already been downloaded by more than 10 million gamers after it launched on the 4th of February. You can play the real-time multiplayer elimination game on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

This new game by EA has attracted a lot of players in a very short time. There are some reasons as to why the game has become an instant success in the gaming world even though there isn’t an Android or iOS port available just yet.

Reasons why Apes Legends is already a success

One of the main reasons why Apex Legends is doing so well so quickly is because it is completely free to play. However, you can make in-game purchases. Apex Legends is a battle royal game which is a very popular genre in today’s gaming world.

EA Looking To Bring Apex Legends To Android And iOS
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Any shooter game in 2019 cannot go without having a battle royal format nowadays because it brings so much thrill and challenges competing with real players for the glory. Last but not least, Titanfall. Gamers love this universe in which Apex Legends is set.

About Apex Legends

It already has the record for most players in the shortest amount of time. You can play cross-platform which is an added bonus as it brings players from all consoles together. This has allowed the game to go toe to toe with Fortnite.

EA Looking To Bring Apex Legends To Android And iOS
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The next step for Apex Legends is to enter the mobile gaming market. As the Chinese market is largely dependent on mobile devices and has a huge population of Android and iOS gamers, which makes it hard to miss out on.

The (American) Xbox and the (Japanese) PlayStation are not widespread in China. This is the reason EA is looking to bring Apex Legends to iOS and Android.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA Games, seems to have been the one to put the rumors about a possible mobile version of Apex Legends into circulation. During the Electronic Arts Q3 2019 earnings call it seems that a possible porting of the game to mobile devices has been mentioned to try to fight the domain, for now undisputed, of Fortnite especially in the Asian territory.

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