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The MCU  (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has come a long way in terms of movies and their box office successes. It has made 21 movies in the last 11 years and earned $18 billion. Recently, Captain Marvel earned around $1 billion around the globe.

And, now Avengers Endgame is due to release on 26 April 2019. And this movie is expected to completely break all the box office records. Avengers: Infinity War had a similar response and its sequel is the most awaited movie of this year.

And before the hype dies down, Spider-Man: Far From Home is scheduled to release in July.

Avengers Endgame MCU

Will Avengers Endgame be the final end?

Apparently, MCU will explore new territory after Avengers Endgame. Now that Disney has acquired Marvel, Bob Iger, CEO has announced that MCU will probably focus on a new franchise which will go beyond Avengers.

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios has confirmed that MCU will be heading towards a conclusion with Avengers Endgame. A reporter for the Washington Post’s Comic blog, David Betancourt, told the Business Insider that the core Avengers group is likely to disband.

And hence, the Endgame will serve as an ending.

Avengers Endgame MCU

What does the future for MCU look like?

Marvel Studios are trying its level best to maintain the secrecy around Avengers Endgame. But, that also does not give us much idea about the MCU’s future plans.

But, we know that they still have six more movies through 2022. These include A Black Widow solo movie, sequels of Black Panther and Dr. Strange, the third movie of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Other movies include Shang Chi and The Eternals. MCU still has eight release dates set for movies that are yet to be named.

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And also, it is highly likely that Captain Marvel will also get a sequel. The diversity factor is going to be crucial for the future of MCU movies. Captain Marvel and Black Panther were first movies to be led by a female and black character respectively.

And both the movies earned $1 billion worldwide. Victoria Alonso, the production head of Marvel Studios revealed that ‘The Eternals’ might be led by a gay character. And as for ‘Shang-Chi’, it will be the MCU’s first Asian superhero.

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