Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming Movie is Different From the Comics; What They did Wrong and What They did Right

Spider-Man Homecoming was well-received by fans, thanks to Tom Holland’s perfect portrayal of the character. It’s almost certain that Holland does manage to catch the spirit of the character.

But it’s interesting to see some of the significant differences between the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his comic book counterpart.

As we saw in Spider-Man Homecoming, some of these help Peter fit better into the MCU, while others are updates from Spidey’s 60s origins. Here’s our take on the differences between Spidey in the comics and MCU:

Spider-Man’s webbing

Spider-Man- Homecoming Webbing

Like the comic book counterpart, MCU uses “web fluid” of his own design. However, it may take the MCU Parker awhile to perfect the formula.

Comic book’s Spider-Man’s formula is not only more developed but it’s also stronger as seen at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #1.

Stan Lee used the properties of Fantastic Four to illustrate the webbing.

This means that it’s as stretchy as Mr. Fantastic, 90% fire proof and thick enough to hold the mighty Thing for life. MCU’s Spider-Man’s webbing is shown breaking down relatively easily than the comic book counterpart.

Spider-Man Homecoming – How intelligent is Peter?

Spider-Man- Homecoming Intelligent

As fans may have noticed in Spider-Man Homecoming, the MCU version of Spider-Man is very intelligent. He’s among the smartest around and even synthesised the web fluid from chemicals in his classroom. He even defeated a highly advanced security system with his brains. It’s all very impressive, except if we compare him to his comic counterpart.

While MCU Peter in Spider-Man Homecoming isn’t even the President of the school academic team, the comic book version was one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Universe. To his classmates, his braininess was his defining characteristic. He has even rivaled people like Stark, Reed Richards and Hank Pym. Well, maybe the MCU Peter needs a lot of catching up to do.

Not-so-secret identity

Spider-Man- Homecoming Not-so-intelligent

The comic book version of Spider-Man goes to insane lengths to prevent his secret identity from getting revealed. Every time he gets caught with his mask off, no one believes that the timid Peter could be Spider-Man.

The Green Goblin learns about his true identity but ends up forgetting it. Only Wolverine and Daredevil know his secret. However, MCU’s Peter isn’t that cautious.

Peter has Tony’s enhanced suit in Spider-Man Homecoming and he gets caught by his friend Ned. Even The Vulture figures it out, thanks to his daughter Liz. Now, even Aunt May knows that Peter is Spider-Man (thanks to Far From Home trailer).

No Pictures, Please

Spider-Man- Homecoming No Pictures Please

The comic version of Peter was an avid photographer. He used his uncle’s camera to snap his first freelance pictures. His relationship with Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson is a comic book legend.

This has been depicted earlier in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series. However, this has been neglected by MCU so far. The camera was absent from Homecoming but we hope to see Holland’s Peter clicking some pictures in the future.

Updated High School and family

Spider-Man- Homecoming Updated school and family

In the comics, Peter Parker was a bullied loner. He was unsure of himself and was terrible with girls. He had weighty family responsibilities, like an old aunt.

However, MCU Spider-Man is also grounded, but Homecoming updates the dynamics of the high school and his family. MCU Parker does get bullied a bit, but nothing like his comic book counterpart. Aunt May looks like an aunt of a 15-year old than being depicted elderly. All these changes give a fresh take at the character.

Spider-Man Homecoming : Stark Tech

Spider-Man- Homecoming Stark-tech

The first Spider-Man comics saw Peter inventing not just his web fluid but Spider Tracers too. Spider-Man Homecoming version has a Stark-tech infused suit that’s a far cry from any tech comic Spidey for decades.

MCU’s advancements are most likely a fixture, owing to his relationship with Tony Stark. Stark never stops upgrading and we saw Peter’s new Iron Spider suit in Infinity War.

Rogues’ Gallery

Spider-Man- Homecoming Rogues' Gallery

Spider-Man has had the craziest villains of all comic scenes. So, this means that Marvel and Sony will never run out of villains for Pete.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige also stated that they intend to chose villains that haven’t been seen yet. We’ve already seen Green Goblin, Sandman, Rhino, Lizard, Vulture, Electro and Doctor Octopus in the films.

With Far From Home set to release, fans will have their first look at Mysterio. In the comics, Spider-Man also had a long feud with Kingpin/Wilson Fisk. However, the chances of this happening are very less.


Spider-Man- Homecoming Relationships

Uncle Ben is completely absent from Spider-Man Homecoming and we all didn’t want to see it all again either. However, Norman Osborn and Harry are on the cards, as stated by Kevin Feige. In the comics, these are important relationships to Peter Parker.

Other friends/allies can never interact with MCU Spider-Man due to the rights issues. However, with Fox-Disney merger almost over, we might get to see Peter sharing the screen with Wolverine and Deadpool.

Both of them were good friends to Spider-Man in the comics. Homecoming didn’t mention Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane, and reports reveal that they may be permanently benched.

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