Captain Marvel a.k.a Carol Danvers has incredible powers. But are those powers enough to defeat Thanos. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a huge chaos since then. Thanos wiped out half of the existence after acquiring the last Infinity Stone for his gauntlet.

The fans lost several favorite characters whom they have loved over the decade. However, it was just a patch on the devastation faced by the characters.

Nick Fury sent a distress call to Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and she chose to return to Earth after that. It leaves the fans wondering if she would be capable of turning the tides in favor of the Avengers.

Captain Marvel vs Thanos
Credits: Hypable

No doubt, Captain Marvel is powerful. But will her brute strength be enough to defeat Thanos, specifically with all the Infinity Stones in his possession? But after the Decimation, we got to see that the Stones took a toll on Thanos.

The gauntlet was also charred and Thanos ensured that there won’t be a way left for creating another gauntlet. So he destroyed the place where it could happen.

So the fans were left a little unclear about the situation. Will Thanos be able to get the gauntlet repaired. If that happens at all, how successfully will he be able to make use of them. The situation may become more even footed that it was originally anticipated.

Can the destruction caused be reversed?

Defeating Thanos will make a huge difference, but what about reversing the havoc he caused? We have witnessed the power of the Infinity Stones and how quickly it causes destruction as well. Reversing the damage caused will be an entirely different battle.