The death count of Avengers Infinity War is really high. Now we have a countdown of all the Avengers who were snapped away by Thanos.

Avengers Infinity War: Death Count

Infinity War- Death Count

Avengers Infinity War was an MCU film that came with consequences which saw the demise of many of our favorite heroes. The final minutes of the film were very painful for many Marvel fans to watch, as half of the entire population, including many of the beloved heroes, got dusted. However, all the original members survived and it’d be worthy to see how they bring the dead ones back in Avengers Endgame.

There are many things that happen in Avengers Infinity War and for some, it could be very hard to keep the count for who died and loved in the story. We have made this handy list of who passes away in Avengers Infinity War, how they died and who has a chance of coming back in Avengers: Endgame.


Infinity War- Heimdall

We see Idris Elba’s Heimdall in the opening act of the film, but he makes his death count. He died at the hands of Thanos but before dying, he sent Hulk/Bruce Banner to Earth, using the Bitfrost. This was done to send a warning to the rest of the heroes that Thanos is on its way.

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Will he return: No, Elba never really got the onscreen time he deserved in MCU.


Infinity War- Loki

This also came in the Avengers Infinity War opening scene. Loki sacrificed his life trying to take out Thanos using a knife. Thanos is too smart for this love and killed Loki using his own weapon.

Will he return? He might. Marvel is also working on a solo Loki series. He was also spotted on the sets of Avengers Endgame.


Infinity War- Gamora

Gamora stabbed The Mad Titan a lot of times. Her heart got squashed while doing so as Thanos raised her since she was a child. However, her death was really sad as Thanos threw her off a cliff to get the Soul Stone.

Will she return in Avengers Endgame? Considering that’s there’s Guardians 3 underway, it’s probable that Gamora will return. Although there have been reports claiming that she won’t return.


Infinity War- Vision

Vision dies twice in Avengers Infinity War. First Wanda kills him, destroying the Mind Stone. Later Thanos used the time stone to reverse time and kill him again. Poor android.

Will he return: Very tough to say anything. He did seem pretty dead, but with so many geniuses in MCU, you never know.

Avengers Infinity War Characters who Die by Thanos’ Snap

Thanos wiped out 50% of the universe not just on Earth but the whole universe. All these characters got dusted into thin air in Avengers Infinity War, so, here’s the guide:

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Bucky Barnes

Infinity War- Bucky Barnes

Bucky was the first to feel the effects of the snap-in Avengers Infinity War. He tries to reach out to his bestie Captain America, but crashes after uttering his name. This death was truly heartbreaking. He will likely return as Sebastian Stan has more films left on his contract.

Black Panther: T’Challa

Infinity War- Black Panther

As we already know, a Black Panther 2 is already in talks, MCU can’t really kill the king of Wakanda so early. However, it was sad to see Okoye watching T’Challa crash and fade.


Infinity War- Wanda

Until she turns into ash, Wanda is just very sad and distressed from having to see Vision die twice. With rumors of her spin-off series underway, we believe that she will return for phase 4 of MCU.


Infinity War- Drax

On Titan, Drax is the first Guardian to fade away. He tries to reach out to Star-Lord but vanishes.


When we see Star-Lord disappearing, it’s confirmed that Avengers Infinity War is casting away all the characters, except the original six Avengers.

Peter Parker

Infinity War- Peter Parker

This was the most painful Avengers Infinity War death for many fans. He died in Tony’s arms, with Tony helpless, unable to help him. Due to his Spidey senses, Parker could sense the death coming nearer more than other members.

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However, Spiderman Far from Home set to release in July, he will make a return.

Doctor Strange

Infinity War- Peter Parker

Doctor Strange also gets snapped away, but his return in inevitable.


Like Peter and Tony, Rocket also had to watch Groot fade into thin air. He will most likely return.


Mantis also fades away on Titan. We can’t say much about her return.

Maria Hill

In the Avengers Infinity War post-credits, we see Maria Hill fading away into thin air. She will return as she stars in Far From Home.

Nick Fury

Infinity War- Nick Fury

Nick Fury fades away during the Avengers Infinity War post-credits scene after sending a pager to Captain Marvel. He will return as we’ve already seen him in Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.