Apple iPhone 2020 is expected to have a host of features and if tech pundits are to be believed, a folding display is also on the table.

Every company seems to be jumping on the foldable phone bandwagon so it is only natural that Apple will also milk the last trend in iPhone 2020 too. Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung has already launched it’s Galaxy Fold and Motorola and Xiaomi also going to launch their products.

Apple is nowhere near a foldable iPhone 2020 despite they have filed for the patents in the past.

Apple iPhone 2020 rumors

In 2018 patent application surfaced on the web which was being called “wraparound iPhone”.

Galaxy Fold

It is somewhat similar to iPhone X with an edge to edge display, virtual home button, and no headphone jack.

It is highly likely that Apple is going for the OLED display in iPhone 2020 since the pixel can be lit up individually.

iPhone Design

Apple is trying to increase the screen real estate by wrapping the display around the whole phone.

The patent application also noted that this enclosure can be sold as a separate unit to create a phone out of the foldable display.

Older patent filing has unearthed even weirder designs.

Apple Scroll iPhone

This one potential iPhone 2020 design indicates that the display will open like a scroll and all the hardware would be kept inside the two cylinders.

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However, looking at the current generation of foldable phones the wraparound and scroll phone raises some serious questions about their usability and portability.

Both device also requires newer and out of the box UI and UX design.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wants a folding iPhone

This development has disappointed Steve Wozniak the man who co-founded the tech giant with Steve Jobs in a garage.

Steve Wozniak

In a recent interview with BoolmbergTV Wozniak said

I’m worried that Apple is going to get left behind in this new technological arms race.

He also praised Apple for innovation in biometrics system with their state of art FaceID, TouchID and easy to use payment service Apple Pay.

He wants Apple to be the leader in folding phone tech as he wants a folding iPhone from Apple.

Wozniak, who has been very critical and vocal about Apple’s product and design choices over the years has said that he has jumped ships from iOS to Android and his AppleTV, in reality, is a Roku box.

Apple is not known for being early to the party but has created its images on being the company that refines out the product to near perfection. We may see the launch of folding iPhone 2020 soon.