Given that foldable smartphones are all the rage now, will we ever get to see a foldable iPhone? Every few years, a new ‘trend’ emerges in the world of smartphones. A couple of years ago it was multiple cameras, then it was a rim-free display, then came the notch. Innovations are a constant part of the world of smartphone technology and Apple has often been at the forefront of these innovations.

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Is there a need for a Foldable iPhone?

The trend in the markets usually has been: Apple innovates and markets follow. However, Samsung has beaten Apple with the foldable display this time around. A number of other smartphone makers such as Oppo and Xiaomi are also working towards developing similar smartphones.

Apple, however, is likely to stay away from creating a foldable iPhone. This is because there is absolutely no demand or need for it in the markets. Samsung too, introduced their foldable smartphone at the Galaxy Unpacked event – but did not release it as a flagship product!

foldable iPhone vs Samsung
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Apple Won’t Create a Foldable iPhone

Earlier this year, during the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, Apple said that their focus is on ‘smart devices.’ Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, pointed out that Apple’s forthcoming smartphones are going to surprise the users! This clearly hints at an innovative breakthrough. Given all this, it is highly unlikely that a foldable iPhone is in the cards.

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Another reason why we are not going to get a foldable iPhone is that Apple sticks to releasing only two to three phones a year. Hence, experimenting with such a nascent technology might just be counterproductive for the company!

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