E3 2019 schedule console PS5 Xbox

Well, the E3 has always been the premier trade event for the video games. Majority of the dealing at the event are concerned with games in general but this time around we might see some twist.

It is believed that apart from the usual gaming-related announcements at the E3 2019, both Sony and Microsoft might provide us with some news regarding their next-gen consoles. We might see some news concerning the likes of PS5 or the next-gen Xbox console.

Expect some Console Easter Eggs at E3 2019

The reason that something related to the PS5 or new Xbox could come up during E3 is because of AMD. The semiconductor company in a press release stated that the company is holding a keynote at the E3 titled “Next Horizon Gaming.”

The report published by AMD says the following

At Next Horizon Gaming, AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will present to a live and global streaming audience details about upcoming products and technologies that will power gaming from PC to console to cloud for years to come.

Notice the word “upcoming products” the line clearly hints at something relating to the PS5 and Xbox Two.

E3 2019 Xbox release date

The use of AMD’s GPU and CUP in the next-gen consoles by both Sony and Microsoft also makes it very evident that potentially console news is coming.

The upcoming consoles will have some top quality specs. The usage of a solid state drive, 8K visual support, a huge number of exclusive games and a $500 price tag.

The new-gen consoles won’t make their way to the markets before the year 2020 but we can surely expect some console Easter eggs at E3 2019.