Xbox 2 specs price features

The rumors involving the new console from Microsoft the Xbox 2 are in full swing. Microsoft is working very hard on the Xbox Two a lot of resources are being tucked in, in order to take on the rival Sony. Sony itself can’t be far off with the PS5. Numerous leaks and rumors have begun trickling out ahead of E3 2019.

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For both Sony and Microsoft, their next generation consoles will take the center stage in 2020. Respective representatives of both the companies have confirmed this.

Possible specs for the Xbox Two

Rumors suggest that the next-gen Microsoft console shall feature an AMD Ryzen chip(7nm Navi.) One thing to consider is that the new Xbox 2 will be built on 7nm manufacturing processes.

This means that there will be an uptick in power and efficiency over the previous gen console, the Xbox One.

The new Xbox 2 will reportedly come with 8 or 12GB of RAM, maybe even more considering the fact that games now a day are becoming more and more demanding.

Usage of SSD is not expected as they are very expensive and the final cost of the console will be increased.

Which Games can I play?

The deciding factor for many to buy a console is the quality and quantity of games. More often than not the number exclusive games decide which console is the ideal deal.

Xbox 2: Which Games can I play?

We expect that this year’s consoles will have a plethora of Open World game and Multiplayer games. If we had to foretell a launch line-up of games for the Xbox 2 than our best bets would be on, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, GTA 6 and bunch of AAA titles or maybe even a new Forza.

No Virtual reality for Xbox 2

The company has already confirmed this news, it said, we are killing off all the plans to add virtual reality or augmented reality as a feature in the next Xbox.

Microsoft’s Marketing Head, Mike Nichols, echoed the same. he stated, “we do not plan on releasing an Xbox with either VR or AR support.”

Different variants of Xbox

There will be not just one but two consoles from the company which will hit the stores. Back in E3 2018, Xbox chief, Phil Spencer officially confirmed this news.


Xbox 2: Different variants of Xbox

He said his team is “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles.”

The (s) implies there’s more than one.

How much will the Xbox 2 cost?

PS5 is estimated to be priced somewhere around $500. As both Sony and Microsoft are in direct competition with each other the pricing strategy for Xbox 2, we’d expect to be very same.