For a long time now, fans have been requesting the return of Dragon Ball Super series to the screens, and it seems that their wishes have finally been heard. A new teaser has filled fans with anticipation that they may, after all, see the show return this year.

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Dragon Ball Super: Mysterious Goku poster appears

Dragon Ball Super Movie poster leaked on TwitterA mysterious Goku poster landed on the stream of the popular video game called “Super Dragon Ball Heroes”. One of the fans, @Terez27 shared the images on Twitter. He said that episode 11 will be released on May 9, but it was also mentioned that ‘something will happen’ on that day. The cryptic message could just be cross-promotion, but we are not sure yet.

Broly movie linked to the anime

GokuThe only other clue we have is the poster of Goku from the 2018 movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The film was released on the first few months of 2019 outside Japan. In this film, Broly was introduced as a canon character. This movie was also unique in that it linked the movie franchise with the original anime.

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May 9 has been marked as the annual Goku Day by Japan Anniversary Association, so it would make sense for the studio to wait until that date to announce the return of the film.

For now, we will just have to wait for an official release date of the film.