Dragon Ball Super: Broly has lived up to the hype and became a box office hit but not without compromising its viewership. Apparently, Amazon UK began streaming the movie much earlier and fans were able to stream the subtitled version in 1080p.

“Some notes: the subs use dub spellings, but this is likely to be Manga UK f***ery since they did the same shit on Resurrection F‘s release. The US release used the correct terminology,” Ajay shared with fellow fans.

Was Dragon Ball Super: Broly compromised?

Amazon UK put up the anime feature for streaming via Amazon Prime Video. Although, netizens were quick enough to watch online a large chunk of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the sweet time didn’t last for long. The movie is no longer available to stream if you head to the website.

Dragon Ball Super : Broly Leaked by Amazon

Dragon Ball Super: Broly collections and success

Dragon Ball Super: Broly released in Japan in December 2018 and it has earned almost $102 million worldwide. Even though it had a fairly slow international release, it became the third highest grossing anime movie at the domestic box office.

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Well, this gives all the more reason for the fans to watch the movie from their homes. Rotten Tomatoes has given Dragon Ball Super: Broly an 82% rating and an 8.3/10 rating on IMDb.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer

YouTube video

We’ve reached out to Amazon UK regarding the whole Dragon Ball Super: Broly leak debacle, but as of writing this, we’re yet to hear it back from them. It is still not clear how many people were able to download the movie or if the movie is available to download illegally via torrents. We will keep you updated, in case there’s any development in the story.