Dragon Ball Heroes is here to stay and this is good news for all the fans out there. Recently, Dragon Ball Heroes released a blurb about its promotional eighth episode and it looks promising. The blurb reads, “Vegeta and Trunks rushed over to help Universe 6, but will they be able to escape this predicament?! Don’t miss the unfolding chaos.”


Another description of the upcoming episode promised the introduction of two new villains as well. Looks like Saiyans of Universe 7 is going to be full of good action-packed content.

A quick recap of Dragon Ball Heroes

It’s time to refresh our memories and get a quick recap of what happened previously in Dragon Ball Heroes. Goku was involved in a fight with Cumber on the Prison Planet which could possibly lead to the world’s destruction. There have been no cues about Goku’s survival but then again, he’s a Saiyan! Let’s hope Goku is alive and will ultimately save the world.

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The confirmed release date for Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 is 24 February 2019 for Japan. The title of the episode will be “Invasion of the Ultimate, Worst Warriors! Universe 6 Demolished!

Fun Fact about Dragon Ball Heroes

This promotional anime series is based on ‘Super Dragon Ball heroes’, which is the latest digital card fighting game and one of the top grossers in the digital card arcade business in Japan. It allows you to play as seven different characters at the same time and provide you with all sorts of fantastic fan service as well.