UFC Conor McGregor Return

Conor McGregor has been planning a UFC return for quite a long time now. Many say that his ‘retirement’ was just a stunt to grab some media attention and he had always wanted to return as quick as possible. However, now that there’s a lot of buzz around his return – the only thing that we don’t have so far is a confirmed date!

Conor McGregor UFC Return
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Nevertheless, McGregor, who just got reminded by Dustin Poirier that his last win came over 3 years ago, might be on the brink of a return – but will he be able to win his first fight back?

When Will Conor McGregor Return to UFC?

One can only make assumptions about a Conor McGregor return date as of now. It was earlier anticipated that he will be back by December 2019, but it now appears that his return has been delayed to January 2020, or maybe even February 2020! If Khabib vs Tony Ferguson happens in Jan, McGregor is expected to return in February.

UFC MCGregor Return
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The bigger question is – who will he face next? Is it going to be Justin Gaethje or is it going to be Dustin Poirier? There’s also the possibility of McGregor vs Diaz III

Who is McGregor Expected to Face? Will he Win?

Conor McGregor Return
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Both Gaethje and Poirier are good opponents for McGregor’s return and while Gaethje has managed to score a huge win over Cowboy Cerrone, Poirier ended up suffering a loss at the hands of Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 242. McGregor, however, upon his UFC return, is expected to easily defeat either of them – but most people assume Gaethje would be a tougher fight.