CM Punk’s return to wrestling is imminent. No one knows when it will happen but everyone has this gut feeling that it WILL happen at some point in time. While only Punk knows the real answers, it appears that he is one step closer towards making a return. In a time when everyone was expecting him to join All Elite Wrestling, Punk is now likely to join WWE – but not in a role you’d expect him to.

CM Punk WWE Return
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Let us take a closer look at all the controversy surrounding CM Punk and whether he would return to in-ring action anytime soon!

CM Punk’s WWE Return Confirmed?

With SmackDown moving to Fox, the network is planning on starting off with a new segment, reportedly titled ‘WWE Backstage’ which will air on FS1 after SmackDown ends. The company is looking for a major name to host the show and it now appears that CM Punk is the one they’re really keen on having! Here, Punk will technically be a Fox employee rather than being a WWE employee and would be doing what he does best – talk!

CM Punk WWE Return Confirmed
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While this isn’t ‘confirmed’ news at this point in time, but Punk was recently seen meeting Fox execs at their headquarters. This could mean that there’s great potential that CM Punk will finally return to WWE TV in some capacity!

Will CM Punk Wrestle in WWE Again?

CM Punk Back in WWE
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The answer to the big question is still no. While Punk might consider the possibility of working with Fox over WWE-related content, he is almost unlikely to officially be back on the company’s payroll anytime soon as there’s still a lot of bad blood between CM Punk and Vince McMahon and Triple H.