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AEW vs WWE: Where Will CM Punk Go?

CM Punk Joining AEW

Will he, won’t he. Which side is he on. CM Punk has an old habit of leaving more questions than answers behind him. Be it his run with the WWE or be it the recent AEW contract issues – Punk seems to find himself in the middle of multiple controversies regarding contracts! However, a WWE vs AEW battle has begun with Punk at the centerstage.

CM Punk to Return to WWE
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It will be interesting to see which company Punk decides to join in the end – but wherever he goes, his fans go with him! Here’s a closer look:

CM Punk’s Return to WWE NEVER Happening Again

With Triple H getting more into command and Vince slowly taking the back seat, it is going to be highly improbable for Punk to make his return to the WWE. While Vince has a habit of burying the hatchet with the worst of his rivals, Triple H is a bit of an ‘egomaniac’ to do so. Hence, doors are shut for a CM Punk return in the WWE.

CM Punk WWE Return
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Punk himself is not interested in working with WWE at the moment and seems to be going towards AEW in this WWE vs AEW battle. However, all’s not well at the other end too!

CM Punk Has Fallout with AEW Over Contract Situation

CM Punk WWE or AEW

Reportedly, the AEW contract negotiations began to happen over text messages – something that irked CM Punk to such an extent that he took his frustration out on the company by calling them out! Cody Rhodes has replied with a tweet saying Punk might as well go back to the WWE. But could this be an angle between Punk vs Cody at AEW’s debut show? We’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.

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