CM Punk is undoubtedly the single-most controversial name when it comes to the world of wrestling. While his run in WWE as the champion was one which saw the company’s final moments of glory before slumping into a massive rating dump, Punk’s current would-he won’t-he relationship with AEW is causing WWE anxiety! However, it now appears that he would soon be back on WWE TV!

CM Punk WWE Return SummerSlam 2019
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CM Punk To Return to WWE at SummerSlam 2019?

Given that the WWE is in real need of a boost in their ratings, as raw is down to 2.2 million viewers per week, the company is really desperate to get more and more talent and stars on-board. CM Punk is the biggest star who can truly help the ratings be back.

CM Punk
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While he is not at par with someone like The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin, Punk is indeed at the same levels as John Cena, and other major stars and his return could help the company get their viewership numbers up.

Punk’s Fallout with Cody Rhodes Explained

Punk’s return to WWE makes sense because he is a smart businessman and he knows that even though AEW will certainly give him more creative control, WWE still has deeper pockets and can give him a deal like no other! Punk could get an ‘iron-clad’ contract with the WWE which could make him the highest-paid wrestler on the planet!

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CM Punk WWE Return
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Furthermore, he has had a recent fallout with Cody Rhodes, who reportedly tried to negotiate Punk’s AEW contract over text messaging, something which CM Punk found deeply unsettling and unprofessional. However, Cody has stated that ‘doors are open’ for Punk to join AEW.

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