CM Punk in AEW gets WWE Worried

CM Punk is a name that has come back to haunt Vince McMahon almost 5 years after he left the WWE. Having tried his hand at the UFC and failing miserably at it, the Best In The World is now back and has his eyes on All Elite Wrestling. Given that WWE has a new competition, it only makes sense for Vince’s greatest rival to join AEW.

CM Punk AEW Return WWE Worried
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It is now official that Punk will be appearing at the AEW Starrcast III event where he will even be doing an interview! His return is almost certain and the WWE are very, very worried about it.

CM Punk’s Return Worries WWE, But Why?

Despite being away from wrestling for five years, Punk is still as hot as he ever was. Given that he was the biggest thing to happen to WWE since Stone Cold Steve Austin, his departure from the company was a big blow to WWE.

CM Punk Return
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Him joining the rival AEW promotion would definitely give sleepless nights to Vince because CM Punk will be the biggest draw for AEW and the biggest reason why people will watch their show over WWE Raw, which is already facing a rating crisis.

But is Punk Really Joining AEW?

CM Punk WWE Return
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As of this writing, CM Punk is only appearing on Starrcast III for an interview. He is not an official roster member for All Elite Wrestling. However, given that the likes of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley are a part of the roster, Punk already has a number of friends over there and won’t mind getting back in the ring with them!