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Chris Paul discontent with Oklahoma City Thunders, looks to team up with Butler

What would it take for Chris Paul to move to Miami ?

Chris Paul is having a hard time finding a way to move to his preferred place Miami Heats. The 34-year-old point guard recently arrived at Oklahoma City Thunder but instantly wants to move on.

Chris Paul wants an instant trade

The reason being that Oklahoma City is in for a long rebuilding process and the ageing point guard is least interested. Chris Paul was recently traded to the Thunders in place of Paul George from Rockets. Miami Heat is his preferred place as per reports.

Brian Windhorst from ESPN recently commented about Paul’s preferred place. He thinks that Chris Paul would want to land up in Heat and team up with the recently acquired Jimmy Butler. But there’s more to it. The deal isn’t as forward as it seems. Windhorst talked about it on Sports Center on Monday night.

“When you talk about him potentially going to the Miami Heat, which is his preference, one thing I’ve been told in the talks; the fact that the Thunder hold the two of the Heat’s first-round picks in the talks; the fact that the Thunder hold the two of the Heat’s first-round picks in the future — unprotected 2021, protected 2023 — makes this a difficult conversation because the Heat want those picks back.”

Now he does think that Oklahoma City Thunder is ready to concede one of their picks but again are looking to seal one in future.

Problem between Paul George and Miami Heat

Oklahoma City Thunder now has traded off both Paul George and Westbrook from their roster. They now have as many as 16 future first-round picks to choose. That’s a huge number for rebuilding a franchise and Thunder might end up picking a complete lineup of All-Stars by 2026. But some say that’s too big a number to strategize.

What would it take for Chris Paul to move to Miami ?
Heat seems to be the only viable option for Paul. Image : USATodaySports

Thunder nevertheless don’t want to give away any. Now what Miami Heat are asking to take up Chris Paul’s $124m is a better deal.

Oklahoma City Thunder are better positioned to rebuild than perhaps any team in league history from nba

Another issue with Chris Paul is that at his age, not many franchises are vying for him. Miami Heat is the only realistic option for now. Thunder would also like to increase their salary cap but Miami Heat has hardly any room after Butler signing.

So all in all, something has to give in to complete this one. This might take time for all permutations to be set right but expect Paul to reach Miami in some time.

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