Paul George Kawhi Leonard

Paul George was the second player who signed a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers along with Kawhi Leonard. Both the superstar belonged to the Los Angeles city and always wanted to move back home. Leonard made sure that his friend George is also there for him, as he wanted another star player with him in the Clippers team.

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With the new trade deals, there are also reports coming out that Paul George was never happy with the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) in the first place. It is said that George was having remorse after the deal he signed last year, and always wanted to move on. Here are the reasons why George was not happy with the OKC deal and the effects of joining the Clippers team.

Bad Games and Injuries in Thunder

NBA Paul George Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers trade deal free agency

During the last free agency, Paul George didn’t appear for the deals and re-signed with the City Thunders. George was offered a four-year deal at $137 million by the Oklahoma team and he accepted it. But the NBA season for George and OKC after that deal didn’t go very well and they were eliminated in the early stage.

The Portland Trail Blazers defeated them in the first round of 2019 and the Utah Jazz defeated them in the first round of 2018. Paul George also had to undergo surgery for his right rotator cuff and left labrum after the season ended. Nothing was happening good for George in Oklahoma, hence he left the team once Kawhi Leonard asked him to come to the Clippers. One can even argue, joining OKC brought nothing but bad luck for Paul George.

Leonard and George in Clippers

NBA Paul George Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers trade deal free agency

Not that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have teamed up for the Clippers, it is changed the NBA stats. The Clippers have now become the favorite and are getting compared with the Lakers for the next big win. George had an average of 8.0 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 4.1 assists in the last season. Also, he was amazing from the other side of the court and had an 83.9 percent from the free-throw line.

As Kevin Durant is still injured, which means the Brooklyn Nets is totally dependent on Kyrie Irving. The Lakers have everything depending on LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The ultimate battle comes down to the Lakers vs Clippers for the NBA 2020 final championship.