Lakers vs Clippers Kawhi Leonard vs LeBron James-Anthony Davis NBA trade free agency

The Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers battle wasn’t even on the cards but a single deal has changed things. As soon as it was out that Kawhi Leonard has joined the Clippers, all the NBA predictions shifted. The Lakers were once considered the top contenders to land Leonard, but they failed very badly.

Now the situation is changed so much that people are calling the Clippers as next NBA champions. It has started a rivalry between the two Los Angeles team that should not even exist. Here is the history of Lakers vs Clippers and how the rivalry will take place in the next NBA season.

History of Lakers vs Clippers

Lakers vs Clippers History

The Western Conference of NBA has now two teams which are contending for the next NBA finals. Lakers vs Clippers will turn to be the biggest rivalry NBA has ever witnessed and may last for decades. If we look back in time, there are very few instances where both the teams made to the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a champion team, while the Clippers has played well only in the last few seasons. If we look at their previous stats in the playoffs, there is not much to predict from it.

  • 1973-74 Both teams lost semifinals
  • 1991-92 Both teams lost first round
  • 1992-93 Both teams lost first round
  • 2005-06 Clippers lost semifinals, Lakers lost first round
  • 2011-12 Both teams lost in semifinals
  • 2012-13 Both teams lost first round

Kawhi Leonard vs LeBron James-Anthony Davis

Leonard vs Lebron Anthony

Everything is now changed after Kawhi Leonard has entered the Los Angles Clippers team. Both the teams are now balanced and look powerful enough to make it to the finals. Clippers have Leonard, George Paul, Patrick Beverly and other players which makes a solid NBA 2020 draft.

On the other hand, the Lakers have the power duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. To support them, the Lakers has signed a deal with Danny Green as an alternative to Kawhi Leonard. The real competition will be between Leonard and the LeBron-Anthony duo that will decide the winner in Lakers vs Clippers.