Captain Marvel Blu-ray DVD Release Date and Cost

Captain Marvel is out in theatres, and we will discuss the movie, as a film later. Here, we shall discuss the DVD release date of Captain Marvel and its cost. Currently, Captain Marvel happens to be the most searched keyword on the internet, as it will give fans the lead-up to the much anticipated Avengers: Endgame.

Fans have been waiting since almost a year for an MCU release, and with Captain Marvel, they just got their first Marvel release of 2019. Captain Marvel may/may not answer what takes place post Infinity War, but it will be pleasing for fans until Endgame hits the theaters.

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Captain Marvel: When will the DVD and Bu-Ray Release?

Captain Marvel Blu-ray DVD Release Date and Cost

Captain Marvel released yesterday i.e, 8th March. However, fans were also eager to know when the film will release on DVD. Many fans want to see the film on home video as soon as possible because watching it once isn’t just enough. So today, we will discuss all you should know about the Blu-Ray and DVD release date of Captain Marvel.

As the film just released yesterday, it’s hard to expect an official release date of Captain Marvel’s home video. But Marvel has a massive fan base, with Captain Marvel creating a lot of buzz.

This implies that the film will be in theaters for a long time, which could delay its home release further. However, it’s expected that the movie will release on DVD around July or August. However, it’s only a prediction and not officially confirmed.

Captain Marvel: Blu-Ray and DVD Release Date

Captain Marvel- Blu-Ray and DVD Release Date

The digital download from iTunes and Amazon is also expected around the same time. This means that we all need to wait for 3 to 4 months before getting our hands on Captain Marvel’s home video. The cost isn’t yet decided but it will be around USD $20 for the DVD version and perhaps the double of it for the Blu-Ray disc version.

Captain Marvel is out in theaters. Go watch it!