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The wait for Captain Marvel has been long. However, long after the character was teased in the post-credits of Avengers: Infinity Wars, she’s finally here! As the official release date draws closer, premiere shows have been aired all around the world. However, here’s a closer look at what the critics think of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Critics Reviews
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Captain Marvel Critics Ratings and Reviews

Before we head into the details, here are the ratings of Captain Marvel:

Den of Geek: 3.5/5
The Guardian: 3/5
Collider: B-
Variety: No Score
Gamespot: No Score
New York Post: 1.5/5
Chicago Sun Times: 3.5/5
Captain Marvel Film Rating and Review
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The biggest flaw that most critics have pointed out in the film is that it seems rather ‘misplaced’. They indicate that the movie tries to fit in two storylines in one. The first being the origins of the character and the second being how it all fits in into the current-day storyline. The movie was also criticized in early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

The New York Post has been the harshest of critics of Captain Marvel. Johnny Oleksinski, who reviewed the movie, said that the most entertaining parts of the movie come from a hilarious cat.

Captain Marvel Reviews
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The Gamespot review sums it up by saying:

“Captain Marvel hits all the right notes, but it feels like it was released at the wrong time. There’s too much anticipation and dread right now to fully enjoy this heroic cul-de-sac. It doesn’t quite set up the twists you might want it to, and its many expansions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe feel like fodder for future movies, not the impending Endgame itself. Carol Danvers would have been better served with an explosive entrance in Endgame, thenher own standalone to kick off the MCU’s next phase. Right now this movie is an obligatory addendum to the Avengers story, when it deserved to be an essential opening chapter.”

While the numbers might not be as high as what most expected them to be, Captain Marvel is still a must-watch given how it fits in with the MCU storyline.

Captain Marvel Marvel Cinematic Universe
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What makes Captain Marvel a Must-Watch?

The movie, regardless of the critics’ ratings, is expected to earn rather well. This is because the placement of the movie – which earns it the ire of the critics, also makes it an unmissable watch! However, everyone is excited about who this character is and what makes her the last hope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Explore the origins of Captain Marvel and watch her come to the rescue of the Avengers over the next few months!

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