Science has confirmed that you can lose weight with avocado. By adding avocados to your meal as a substitute to some carbohydrates, the fruit can make you feel full, minus any additional calories.

The study involving 31 overweight adults was published in Nutrients by the Illinois Institute of Technology. The participants were required to eat either a high-fat meal containing the same amounts of total fat and calories, but cut back on carbs; or a low fat-control meal consisting of 76% carbs, 14% fats, and a total of 680 calories.

How you can lose weight with avocado

How you can lose weight with avocado

On the high-fat meal group, participants either ate a whole avocado for 50% carbs and 43% fat; or half of an avocado for around 51% carbs and 40% of fat. They were asked to rate their satiety after eating a high-fat, or high-carb meal on all instances.

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Subjects said that they are more satisfied.  They also reported lower rates of hunger pangs with the high-fat meals – either with a whole or half avocado.

Hormone analysis proves how you can lose weight with avocado

avocado weight loss

Subjects also had their blood taken for hormone analysis of hunger or fullness.

Researchers found that amino acids causing someone to feel more full are in higher levels among subjects who had eaten a whole avocado meal than those who had the high-carb meal. The subjects who had not eaten the high-carb meal, meanwhile, had higher insulin levels. This means that they have a higher tendency to overeat as insulin increases appetite.

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Bottom line:

While the study did not particularly focus on how to lose weight with avocado, it shows how this specific fruit, a tasty form of fat, can help you make more satisfied.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Wellness, explained that fat is a complex nutrient that is more difficult for the body to digest. In other words, it takes the body more time to break it down and metabolize, unlike sugar or carbs.