Weight Loss Drugs approved by FDA

Weight loss drugs finally get approval from the Food and Drug Administration of U.S. The FDA approves the prescription of weight loss drug named Plenity. Moreover, this will be the aid to weight management. The medicine will be for adults who have BMI in the rang of 25 to 41. The maker of the drug, Gelesis says that it is to be used with diet and exercise.


Weight loss drugs

Weight loss drugs have never received approvals from the FDA for prescription. This new drug, Plenity, becomes the first one to get the clearance. This will be for the use of adults who are overweight.

The founder of Gelesis says that this FDA clearance is a big milestone for the company. Moreover, he also says that they are more than happy to bring this to the public.

Weight Loss Drugs approved by FDA

There are about a million people who were looking for this. This is a safe and convenient way for weight management. This is because it is without any surgery or even harmful stimulants.

How to take the drug?

Patients who will be prescribed Plenity will take it prior to lunch and dinner. The capsules are to be swallowed with water. Because of this drug there is cross-linking of two polymers.

The polymers are cellulose and citric acid. These are building blocks which are derived naturally. By combining they form a 3D structure. This structure is a hydrogel matrix. Because of this there is feeling of fullness. Moreover, this leads to weight loss.

Weight Loss Drugs approved by FDA

Plenity is not a stimulant. This is according to the maker, Gelesis. Moreover, clinical trials of the drugs show it to be safe.

It is even well-tolerated as per the trials. The results of the trials were published in “Obesity” which is a scientific journal.

Moreover, this study shows great results of the trials. In the trials, 26 percent of the participants reduced almost 30 pounds. This is about 10 percent of their total weight. Therefore, this drug is bound to give good results.

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