Ketogenic diet is the basic requirement for any diet plan to succeed. The world of dieting revolves around low carbohydrate and high fat ketogenic diet. Keto-Diet is immensely popular. However, the researchers show concern on the safety of the ketogenic diet.

According to a new study, people should be cautious while adopting keto diet. This is especially for women.

Ketogenic Diet – How to it?

A study was conducted recently on ketogenic diet. It was to know that who responds how to ketogenic diet. The experiment was performed upon mice by the researchers of University of lowa. The conclusion is not a good news. This is particularly for females.

Types of  Ketogenic Diets

According to the study, female mice did not experience the same effects. There was no significant weight loss in female mice. This was in comparison to male mice.  Moreover, female mice also witnessed impaired blood sugar control in the study.

The study, therefore, shows discrepancies. This is in the success rate of the diet based on gender.

Similar questions can be raised for humans. There are chances that ketogenic diet does not give the same success rate in case of females. Moreover, it might turn out to be harmful for females.

Lead investigator of the study, Jesse Cochran talks more about it. According to Cochran, it is not certain how any individual will respond to ketogenic diet. Moreover, people must always consult a dietician. Before stating any diet plan, an expert guidance is a must.

Pros and cons of Ketogenic diet

Other studies have also been conducted on ketogenic diet and its results. Some of these have focused on females. These have shown that there is no correlation between reducing carbs and weight loss.

Moreover, studies also show that sometimes it can be harmful for the body. The problems include defect in kidney and liver. It can also cause nutrition deficiency.

So, before starting up with any diet plan make sure you are doing right. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more updates and health guides