Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr Rematch Boxing

Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz had a stellar boxing match earlier this year. The finish to the match came as a big ‘surprise’ as the underdog Andy Ruiz Jr. managed to pick a big win over AJ. Ever since his victory, a rematch is being discussed but over the past few months there seems to have been a fallout over when and where it will take place.

Joshua vs Ruiz Rematch
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Let us take a closer look at the rematch between Joshua and Ruiz and see who is expected to win.

Joshua vs Ruiz II: Why is AJ Expected to Win?

Currently, there are active negotiations about this match taking place one more time. However, Anthony Joshua has been very strict with his demands saying he wants this match in America only – and not in Saudi Arabia or Mexico. The word is that Saudi Arabia might be the country where it finally happens.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr
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Ruiz, on the other hand, wants to face AJ in Mexico. Mexico is his home town and that would give Ruiz a good momentum. However, Anthony Joshua asking to fight in a stadium of his choice gives him a greater advantage and hence he is expected to win this rematch if it ever takes place.

Can Andy Ruiz Jr Retain His Championships?

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr Rematch
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Having defeated Joshua against all odds, Andy Ruiz Jr. is now no longer the underdog but the champion! However, there’s a strong chance that Anthony Joshua might just emerge the winner here and reclaim his lost championships from Ruiz. However, what a win can’t bring him back is his undefeated streak, which was broken by Ruiz!