Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr prediction Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is an undisputed legend when it comes to the modern-day world of boxing. The megastar commented on the Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr. boxing bout days before he faces off against Tom Schwarz for his first boxing match in six months! Fury commented on his fellow Brit’s performance against Ruiz but he didn’t really have many kind words to say about him!

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Tyson Fury Comments on Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr
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Here’s a closer look at what Fury said about Joshua vs Ruiz. We also examine the possibility of Joshua vs Fury.

Tyson Fury Disses Anthony Joshua On His Fight Against Ruiz Jr.

Commenting on the match between Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr, Tyson Fury said that if Joshua would get a second chance he would still lose against Ruiz. However, he did not have any kind words for Ruiz either. He called him a ‘little fat Mexican’ – however, he praised him again when he said that when Ruiz got dropped to the floor, he was quick to pick himself up and get back at it again.

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Fury added that AJ needs to ‘knock him out early’ if he wants to win a potential Anthony Joshua vs  Andy Ruiz Jr. rematch.

Will We See Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury comments on Joshua vs Ruiz
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Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury is a match that everyone wants to see. However, it is highly unlikely that this match is going to take place anytime soon. Given that Joshua just suffered a major loss and that Fury is facing Schwarz later this week, it is unlikely that a match between Joshua vs Fury will happen anytime before later this year.