Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr: Joshua at ‘Massive Risk’ If There’s A Rematch

    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr was a match that stunned all the viewers. As Ruiz pulled off an unexpected victory over the champion, nobody really saw it coming. However, Ruiz’s victory was one of the most ‘feelgood’ moments and had the entire boxing community cheering for him. The two will face each other once more for a rematch – which is likely to happen later this year. However, Joshua is at a ‘massive risk’ if there’s a rematch.

    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr boxing rematch

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    Let us take a closer look at what this ‘massive risk’ is – and look into the rematch between the two: when and where is it going to happen.

    What is the ‘Massive Risk’ for Anthony Joshua In Case of a Rematch

    Too many losses might just hurt your career. Especially if these losses come so frequently. Given that Ruiz has all the momentum right now and is an inspired boxer, it won’t be wise to face him again. David Price, Joshua’s fellow British heavyweight boxer has said that he is at a massive risk if an Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz rematch happens.

    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr warning

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    Price tells it from a personal perspective because he faced two TKO losses against Tony Thompson which hurt his chances of getting a world championship shot!

    Details on the Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr Rematch


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    While nothing is official right now, both the men have shown interest in having a rematch. The bout, if it takes place, is likely to take place in Mexico, which is the flag Ruiz fights under. It will be interesting to see what the results of an Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr rematch are.

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