The match between Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua surprised everyone this year. The match was won by Ruiz, who was seen as a heavy underdog and it surprised those who were betting on the match, as well as Ruiz himself as he celebrated rather passionately after winning the titles from AJ. However, as a rematch looms between the two, will Ruiz be able to retain?

Mike Tyson Andy Ruiz Jr Anthony Joshua
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Boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson recently commented on who he expects to win a rematch between Ruiz vs Joshua.

Ruiz vs Joshua: Who Does Mike Tyson Favor?

Mike Tyson commented that he believes that Andy Ruiz has it in him to win the rematch. He expects the Mexican to defeat Anthony Joshua once again..because ‘he has done it once’ and ‘he will do it again’. Tyson even pointed out that he had recently met Ruiz and said that he is a ‘beautiful person’.

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Mike Tyson Picks Joshua vs Ruiz Winner
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The rematch between Ruiz vs Joshua is expected to take place early-December and might happen at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is expected to be among the biggest boxing PPVs of the year following Pacquiao vs Thurman.

Will Tyson Return For One More Match?

Mike Tyson Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz
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No. It is highly unlikely that Mike Tyson will ever set foot in the boxing ring again. This is because first off, he is 53 years old and hasn’t boxed in forever now! Furthermore, he is a successful entrepreneur who has started off with various businesses of late. Thirdly, his body has taken quite a beatdown over the years and it will take an immense amount of training for him to fight. Hence, it is unlikely that “Iron” Mike Tyson will return.