While Apple tries to fix bugs with new updates, they also create new problems. From camera to battery, even a slight error can complicate our work and personal life. Let us see the most common problems faced by iPhone users and methods to fix them.

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Common Apple iPhone Problems

Apple iPhone bug problems battery camera storageApple works hard to make the best iPhones for us which runs smoothly and can sustain hard usage. No matter how perfect a mobile phone is, is always prone to problems. There can be both hardware trouble or software issues turning up in the iPhone. While the iPhone hardware problems can be avoided by proper handling, other issues require expertise to solve. Here are some of the major problems coming up in the iPhone and other Apple devices.

iPhone Battery Issues

Apple iPhone bug problems battery camera storage

One of the most common issues faced by Apple users is the battery of their iPhone acting up. Many times the iPhone battery goes down and the device shuts off even though it has charge remaining. There have been also cases reported about iPhone battery heating up and making it uneasy to use the device.

Apart from that, sometimes it takes several hours and still, the iPhone is barely charged. The battery and charging issues can occur due to a faulty battery or any iOS bugs that eat up the charge and disrupts the iPhone functions.

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iPhone Storage Issues

Apple iPhone bug problems battery camera storage

We all know that Apple iPhone does not come with an external storage device and users are limited to a fixed memory. iPhone storage getting full can be a nightmare as it almost makers your devices useless. We can not click new pictures, download new movies, and install new apps on our Apple devices.

While Apple offers cloud service to store additional data from our iPhones, it is costly and requires a strong internet connection. The biggest gripe faced by iPhone users is storage getting full even when there is not much data, due to software bugs.

iPhone Camera Issues

Apple iPhone bug problems battery camera storage

The primary reason that people prefer Apple iPhones over other devices is the camera quality and stability. Apple produces one of the best cameras for their iPhones and the images captured are of superb quality. But at the same time, there are a lot of iPhone problems which only targets the camera functions.

There are stutters, blurred images, extra load time, the camera getting stuck and other such issues which makes the iPhone camera useless. iPhone camera problems happen because of both iOS bugs and wear and tear of lenses due to the external environment.

iPhone iOS Issues

Apple iPhone bug problems battery camera storage

Apple releases new and new iOS updates for the iPhone users to introduce new features and fix bugs. While the iOS updates version should enhance the performance of an iPhone, most of the times it brings up new problems. The cycle keeps on repeating until the newer version of iOS is launched by Apple.

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Not only that, the most terrible thing is when an iPhone freezes in the middle of the iOS updates installation. It could be a nightmare for iPhone users as nothing can be done at that point. Now that we know of the problems, let us see how can you easily fix them.

How to fix the Issues?

Apple iPhone bug problems battery camera storage

As much as problems arise in an iPhone, there are always ways to solve them, and Apple also provides timely support to its users. Here are some of the basic ways to fix any kind of problem occurring in your iPhone.

The first thing you need to do is restart your iPhone, as most of the problems happen due to overloading of function, a simple reset makes everything normal.

Make sure you have your iPhone updated to the latest iOS. Apple always releases updates for the current iOS version, to solve most of the problems in your iPhone.

Many times our iPhones are infected by virus or the software gets corrupted, one can use iTunes for a hard reset to rectify it. Make sure you have a data backup before you do a hard reset of your iPhone.

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One can always reach out to Apple Support on Twitter and the official Apple website. Even the forums and discussion threads can help you, and the support handles of Apple are very helpful and will solve most of your iPhone problems.

Last option if nothing of the above works and your iPhone is still having issues is to take it to Apple service center. The experts there will repair your phone or even give a replacement depending on the warranty.