Apple iOS 12.2 update for iPhone battery

Apple iOS 12 update for iPhone was released just a few months ago and it has been the topic of news since then. With many new features released with beta iOS 12.2 rollout, there are several issues too.

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New iOS updates have always reduced the battery life of older iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The tech giant has always clarified this issue by saying newer updates take more space for new features.

Apple iOS 12 update Battery Test for iPhone

Apple Battery Test

Apple reviewer iAppleBytes tried to test the battery life of Apple iPhone after installing the new iOS 12 updates. In order to do that, they took four iPhone 6S and inserted the same type of new batteries inside them.

All the four iPhone 6S were running on four separate iOS update versions. The first iPhone was running on an oldest iOS 10.3.3 and second on the older iOS 11.4.1. While the third was running on iOS 12.2 update released last week and the fourth iPhone was updated to latest iOS 12.3 update beta.

The battery life of all four iPhones was tested by playing hours of long Youtube videos. All the iPhones were running the videos until their battery completely died. The whole process was recorded over a time-lapse camera to view the results.


iPhone battery test

After around 10 hours, the results for the battery test were out. The iPhone running on iOS 10.3.3 update had the best battery life.

  • iOS 12.3 beta: 10 hours
  • iOS 11.4.1: 10 hours 30 minutes
  • iOS 12.2: 10 hours 37 minutes
  • iOS 10.3.3: 11 hours 41 minutes


The battery test results clearly proved that for newer the iOS updates, battery life has become worst. Older iOS versions have much better battery life in older iPhones. iOS updates (especially the iOS 12.2 update) are easily draining your battery faster than the usual.

iOS Update effect on Battery

Apple iOS 12.2 update for iPhone

The reason behind the reduction in battery life on iOS updates has been a controversial issue. While Apple officially has been saying that it is normal due to newer updates requiring the latest hardware to function efficiently, several reports say that this is a deliberate attempt by Apple so that users have to ditch their older phones and purchase a new iPhone.

Since downgrading is not possible, we don’t have an option here. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple iOS 12.2 updates and other news.