Apple iOS 12.1.2 update has been rolled out for iPhone users. A lot of users are struggling with the issues prevailing in the Apple iOS 12.1.12 update which is making their iPhone, iPad, and iPod incompatible. The upgrade has solved many lingering Apple iOS 12.1.12 bugs but has created some of its own.

There are issues with abnormal battery life, installation troubles, FaceID and Touch ID recognition and some connectivity issues. However, these are some common issues which will take no time to be fixed.

Welcome to the new Apple iOS 12.1.2
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But users have complained that they are facing troubles with the lock screen, notifications panel and there are some glitches with the Control Center.

So, we at Hiptoro decided to guide you through these bugs and where can you find the solutions for them. We will try to provide you with some resources which you can use when you’re in trouble.

The Issues Of The New Update!

Let’s start with the bugs of the latest update. First of all, users are having trouble in downloading the Apple iOS 12.1.2 update. If this happens, reset your device. The downloading will resume.

There are also troubles in GPS, 3D Touch, Siri, user interface lags, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity, App AirPlay and app crashing. There are complaints that the Messaging app is automatically sending any message to any recipient without any command.

A lot of apps are incompatible with the new update. You can find the list of all those on MacRumors forum.

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There are bugs and glitches in lock screen orientation, lock screen time and unwanted widgets. Social media discussion forums including Reddit and Apple are getting filled in rapidly with all the complaints, making the audience aware of the bugs.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to Apple iOS 12.1.2 or you’re already using it, we would recommend you to read those forums and also check out MacRumors forums for additional reviews and feedbacks. And if you’re not satisfied with it, you can always downgrade to iOS 12.1.1.

So, let’s have a discussion on the Pros and Cons of the latest Apple update.

A Trailer for the New Update

Pros :

1. Better Security

Apple iOS 12.1.2 offers Intelligent Tracking Prevention in its Safari browser. This will prevent any social media site to track any other cross-site you’re browsing. There are a total of 24 security patches in iOS 12.1.2 compared to 17 of the previous versions. You can flag your reused passwords, share passwords with contacts easily via Airdrop and many more.

2. Fixed some annoying bugs

Bugs related to eSIM activation and cellular connectivity in Turkey have been fixed in this update. There were some issues with time zones, and voice memos upload to iCloud which have been fixed in Apple iOS 12.1.2. Bugs related to UI Lag, random reboots, busted Bluetooth, broken Wi-Fi have all been resolved in the current upgrade.

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Get a better experience on your iPad
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3. Dual Sim Support

iOS 12.1.2 offers dual SIM support in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max. You can offer a secondary phone line without swapping SIMs in the latest update.

4. iOS 12.1.2 is a must if you have an Apple Watch

Apple has recently installed ECG feature in its Apple Watch. You can monitor your heart condition and keep a regular check on any doctor’s appointment.

However, it will only work if you own an iPhone with the latest 12.1.1 or 12.1.2. So, if you’re owning an Apple Watch, waste no time and quickly download the latest update.

Be sure to reset your phone, in case the downloading lags or hangs.

5. Additional Features

If you have skipped Apple iOS 12.1.0 and Apple iOS 12.1.1, the latest iPhone upgrade is a must for you.

You get features such as Real-Time Texting during Wi-Fi calls, one tap flip between front and rear camera during FaceTime, hiding sidebar while going through the latest news, improved dictation, and pronunciation in VoiceOver and also live Photo capturing during FaceTime.

You can actually have a better Facetime Now

Not only this, with the latest Apple iOS 12.1.2 upgrade, HomePod is now supporting Mainland China and Hong Kong. If you do Group FaceTime calls, the HomePod LEDs will illuminate.

Apple brought in a performance management feature in its iOS 12.1 updates which prevented the sudden shutting down of phones. This feature is still prevailing in the latest update.

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6. New Emojis

Who doesn’t want new and creative emojis in their chatbox? And Apple has brought in some really cool emojis in the Apple iOS 12.1.2 update. Happy texting.

Cons :

1. You have to be prepared

As we have already warned you, please be sure to go through all the discussion forums on MacRumors and Reddit if you’re planning on upgrading to the latest version. Spending some minutes on these portals will help you prevent long-time issues in your iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Be Prepared for the bugs and glitches
Source- Apple Insider

2. Don’t Hurry Up

If you’re enjoying your current version of Apple, we would recommend you to wait for a few days before upgrading. Apple is still working to fix some annoying troubles of Apple iOS 12.1.2 which includes battery drain, 3D touch etc. You can read the troubles the users are going through on Quora, Reddit and Apple Discussion Forums. So we would suggest you to hold on for a while and let Apple debug all the glitches which are arising.

Everyone wants to be updated with the latest technology. But you have to decide for yourself that when is the right time for it. And if you take our suggestion, we would say that this isn’t the right time to upgrade.