iOS 12 Concept Shows Features That We Need On iPhone And iPad

A brand new iOS 12 concept has been created and revealed by Ascending News. They have created a version based on what the iOS 12 can look like and feel like.

We have had iOS 11 for four months now and in the tech world, four months is the time when people can start thinking about the next update. People have already started speculating and wondering how Apple can better the iOS 11.

How the iOS 12 concept by Ascending News looking like?

iOS 12 Concept Shows Features That We Need On iPhone And iPad

Ascending News has created the iOS 12 concept and shown off to the world. The iOS 12 concept looks and feels different when compared to iOS 11. iOS 12 concept has a brand new grouped notification system. The iOS 12 concept also includes a guest mode that the people have been asking for a long time. It also has a more aesthetic and clean design.

How will the changes improve user experience?

iOS 12 Concept Shows Features That We Need On iPhone And iPad

In the concept version of the iOS 12, they have looked to improve things from a software perspective for the betterment of all the devices which will be able to install it. As we see, the home screen has been stripped back in order to make the UI simpler. It helps in giving a cleaner and a more pleasing look to the device for the users.

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This also has a much cleaner alert system that is focused on being as non-intrusive as possible. This has been created by keeping in mind that how much the actions such as incoming calls can intrude in the end user experience. It is quite annoying when you are doing or reading something and an incoming call takes up all the space and interrupts your rhythm.

This update is imagined in such a way that it will treat an incoming call as just another alert. Which will not disturb much of the screen and allow you to do whatever you are doing.

Source: Redmond Pie, 9to5 Mac