Apple iOS 13 update features release date

Apple is once again ready with its new iOS 13 update and new reports about the upcoming features are arriving. The Cupertino based tech giant is currently busy in rolling out iOS 12.4 for iPhones and iPads. But with the news of Apple iOS 13, it is hard to focus on anything else. Let us see what new features iOS 13 updates might bring on the table and when it is releasing.

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iOS 13 new features

Apple iOS 13 update features release date

The most talked about new features of iOS 13 update is the latest dark mode option for iPhone. Since the MacBook users got the dark mode in the last macOS update, iPhone users want the feature too. The dark mode saves the iPhone battery while also making to look at the screen during the night.

There are also reports about mail organization, new volume HUD control, improved ‘Hey Siri’ feature, and new Animojis for messenger in the iOS 13 update. While there is no confirmation from Apple, the new changes might not be a sure thing.

iPad Updates in iOS 13

Apple iOS 13 update features release date

Each year the needs of iPad users are ignored during iOS updates and they majorly focus on the changes in iPhone. It looks like this year Apple has finally listened to the demands of iPad users and brought a whole lot of cool features.

Reportedly, Apple is going to bring the famous multiple window feature in iPad with the iOS 13 update. Along with that, iOS 13 might introduce the new drag gesture and three fingers undo option in iPad. There are also plans of using the iPhone as a virtual mouse and iPad as a screen in iOS 13 update.

Release Date

Apple iOS 13 update features release date

The biggest question in the mind of every Apple user is that when will be they able their iPhone to iOS 13? As per the reports, Apple can make a huge announcement about iOS 13 at the upcoming WWDC 2019 event next month. Though it is less likely to actually release the update at that time. As per the rumors, Apple might actually release iOS 13 with the upcoming iPhone 11 at the September annual event.