iOS 13 features render concept video

The recent renders of iOS 13 have set the Apple blogosphere on fire. The render in question showcases the rumored mouse support for the iPad as an accessibility option.

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Guilherme Martins Schasiepen, a Brazilian mobile designer envisioned the next version of iOS. The render not only showcases the mouse support, but it also provides a look at dark mode, hot corners, and multitasking features. The snapshots suggest that the UI is designed beautifully and serves a purpose.

iOS 13 Release Date

The renders also hint towards the rumored system-wide dark mode in iOS 13. Reports reveal that Apple is also going to launch an API for easier implementation of dark mode in third-party apps.

Apple iOS 13 and Mouse Support

Some people are questioning the support of mouse on a touch screen device like an iPad. Apple’s internal Human Interface Guidelines recommends having a minimum touch target size of 44 x 44 pixels.

iOS 13 Concept

Mouse support is much more helpful while working on image processing, or illustration apps. Mouse support is really helpful while doing this kind of precision work.

The mouse will also help in taking full advantage of drag and drop feature as shown in the video. The new render also explores the idea of all new control center with fresh UI changes. The revamped control center provides more options for multimedia control.

However, these are some of the many featured specifications. There are several other floating on the web.

Sidelined to the edge of the screen, one such render showcases the thin volume notification panel. Currently, the volume notification obstructs the whole screen with no scope for manual discussion.

Release Date

According to the reports, the new iOS 13 will be unveiled at WWDC.

The iOS 13 will be available to the general public after the beta testing is finished.