Apple iOS 12.3.1 and 12.3.2 Update issues problems bugs fix

Apple iOS new updates are like a coin toss, either it has so many good features or is full of bugs. The latest iOS 12.3.1 update comes under a similar category. Apple recently launched iOS 12.3.1 update to fix bugs from the previous updates, although it did the task, it has brought more issues of its own.

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Many of the iPhone, iPad and iPod users are complaining after installing the latest iOS updates in their devices. Even the iPhone 8 plus exclusive iOS 12.3.2 update is similar and contains a lot of bugs. Let us have a look at all the problems created by iOS 12.3.1 and iOS 12.3.2 and ways to fix them.

iOS 12.3.1 and iOS 12.3.2 Problems

Apple iOS 12.3.1 and 12.3.2 Update problems

One of the most common issues with the new iOS 12 update is the update itself. Many users have claimed that the update process gets stuck in the middle and their iPhone goes in a freeze mode. They are unable to do anything, had to do a hard reset and thus losing their data. Other common issues in the iOS 12.3.1 update are abnormal battery drain, phone lag, connectivity problems, face Id and touch Id issues. Many of the Apps are crashing, Siri is not working properly, and the Airplay support drops down in the middle.

Some users are also facing bizarre problems such as messages going to unknown numbers after updating their devices to iOS 12.3.1 version. Several users are unable to update any apps from the App Store, which has rendered many services useless. There is also the Face time call issue, where one can hear the audio from the other side even if they haven’t answered the call. Along with that, there are several glitches in their iPhones with WiFi and Bluetooth also not connecting. Overall, the Apple iOS 12.3.1/2 updates are full of bugs which need to be fixed immediately.

How to Fix the Bugs?

Apple iOS 12.3.1 and 12.3.2 Update fix issues bugs

The new iOS updates which were supposed to make Apple devices better has almost made them useless. But, you don’t have to worry about it, as most of the problems and bugs can be fixed easily. While updating your Apple devices, make sure they are fully charged, and the internet connection is strong and stable. Also, a hard reboot gives the update to become stable and fix most of the bugs.

If there is still any problem in iOS 12.3.1, which is troubling you, it would be better to complain at Apple support on their website or Twitter handle. One could also wait till Apple releases iOS 12.4 update to fix all the bugs in iOS 12.3.1/2 version. While in a few months, Apple iOS 13 will totally change the scenes and most of these temporary issues will be gone.