Apple Folding iPhone

A folding Apple iPhone is in works if latest patent filings are to believed. The Cupertino based tech giant is also jumping on the folding phone bandwagon after Samsung, Huewai, and Xiaomi.

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There have been several patent filing in the past and recent filing on February 14 confirms that the Apple folding iPhone is still in development.

Apple Folding iPhone: Concepts

There have been several concepts on the web ranging from wrap around to scroll iPhone.

The scroll iPhone contains a display that collapses into the scrolls.

Apple Folding Phone

Galaxy Fold proved that display tech is still immature and the new patent suggests that Apple is working on to fix this issue with its upcoming iPhone. Most of the flagship devices feature rigid planar panels.

Apple Folding iPhone

The Galaxy Fold has been prone to the crease and non-functioning display but Samsung confirmed that it will go on to launch the phone.

iPhone Folding Phone

The patent application sheds light that the company is working to fix the damage in the display while folding.

iPhone Fold

The filing explains that Apple is working on a tech that would heat the bend when the iPhone is folded and unfolded to prevent the creases and crack that have been found on Galaxy Fold.

The patent filing further explains that the bend can be heated by increasing the brightness of the display to the maximum. An anti-fold will also engage to prevent the folding of the iPhone if the display temperature does not meet the threshold.

The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak has chimed in the idea of a folding iPhone from Apple. In a recent interview on Bloomberg, he praised Apple for innovating state of art biometrics systems but also said that he wants the company to launch the Apple Folding iPhone.

Even though Steve Wozniak has supported the idea of Apple Folding iPhone these filings should be taken a pinch of salt considering the fact Apple has junked some of its many ambitious projects.