Apex Legends Bans Cheaters

Apex Legends by Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the hottest battle royale themed games for consoles and PC right now. In less than a month of its release, millions of players are on board.

However, one major problem that gamers have unanimously complained of is that there are hackers and cheaters in the game!

Apex Legends Bans Hackers EA Respawn
Image: BBC

Earlier, we reported that a number of hackers were reported in the Asian servers. Furthermore, hackers were also spotted using wallhacks and aimbots to target regular users. The game has now taken strict action against these hackers and cheaters.

Apex Legends Bans 355,000 Hackers/Cheaters

Apex Legends Bans Hackers and Cheaters
Image: tuomorosenlund

In their latest ‘check-in’ that was posted on Reddit, the game announced that over 355,000 PC users were banned after they were caught cheating. The company also informed that they are adding more members to their anti-cheat team to ensure that gamers have a smooth experience.

Respawn, the developers of Apex Legends, confirmed that they are also aware of the issue regarding spammers. They know that there are spammers on the network who exit the game after character selection. Respawn is looking to provide a solution to that as well.

Apex Legends Bans Hackers
Image: PCGamer

Apex Legends for iOS and Android

Hackers and cheaters are one aspect of the game that the gamers want to be curbed out. Another common demand has been the game to be made available for the users of the iOS and Android platforms. Regarding that, comments have been made in the past, hinting that it will be happening soon!


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