Apex Legends Cheats: Hackers Found In Asian Servers

Apex Legends battle royale of Respawn Entertainment is witnessing a surge in the number of cheaters. According to the players, the situation is critical among the Asian players.

The hacks provided to the players are similar to other shooting games. With the help of the hacks, the player cab easily aim for automatic head shots and lock-on which are tool assisted. However, Apex Legends May be adversely affected by it in the long run.

Apex Legends Cheat : Hackers Found In Asian Servers, Anti-Cheat System Ineffective

The Asian hackers are ruining the fun for other players. The thread starters content has been removed from Google, but still it shows record of some contents which were filled before its removal.

Apex Legends Reddit Report : What did they find out?

The Boosted Boy 312’s thread on Reddit reported that one of the squadmates of the hack site delivers a voice com message consisting of gibberish names containing letters and numbers. The message may be in Chinese which may be intelligible to those players who don’t speak the language. However, it is a link to the site.

After receiving the message, the boy send a code which can be used for purchasing the site’s hack. The players can then have an impeccable aim when the enemies are in sight. However, they can still get killed it other players get a hold of them. Several Asian players have petitioned for launching an IP ban through Reddit to China for controlling this situation.

Apex Legends is not officially out in China due to which Respawn and EA can not get it banned or issue sanctions on these hackers. Even Apex Legends anti cheat program can’t keep out the hackers.