Apex Legends for PC Aimbot

EA’s attempt at creating a battle royale styled game, Apex Legends is one of the most popular games of the month. Having come out on the 4th of February, the game already has millions of users playing it on PC and consoles. Interestingly, hackers have found loopholes in the game and have introduced wallhacks and aimbots.

Let us take a closer look at what these Apex Legends hacks are and how can they affect your gameplay.

Apex Legends for PC Hackers
Image Gamespot

Apex Legends for PC: Wallhacks and Aimbots

Wallhacks are basically the ability to shoot players across walls. Normally, walls provide a safe space to hide behind. However, some hackers manage to modify the game’s code in such a way that they can shoot through the walls. Recently, wallhacks have been spotted in Apex Legends for PC.

Moreover, Aimbots have also been seen in the game. Aimbots are bots which allow a hacker to automatically aim and shoot at the opponents and every fire lands correctly. Gamers are complaining that hackers have introduced aimbots in Apex Legends as well!

Apex Legends for PC HackingVideos
Image The Alberta Smith PTA

These hacks are quite common on PC games – it has also been observed on games such as Counter Strike and PUBG in the past.

Apex Legends for PC: Hacking Videos

Hackers have not only broken through the game but have also been uploading videos. However, these hacks are actually against the Terms of Service of the game. Anytime Apex Legends finds hackers, it bans their accounts.

Apex Legends for PC Wallhack
Image Glitched Africa

If you too, encounter a hacker while you’re playing, make sure to report it to EA! Here are a few videos:



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