2020 US Presidential Candidate Bitcoin

Of late, a large number of people are lining up to become the 2020 US Presidential Candidate. Each of them has their own views and policies about various matters and subjects. Similarly when it comes to Bitcoins some of these candidates are pro-Bitcoin while some of them are against it. Others have remained unclear about it.

Here’s a look at every major 2020 US Presidential candidate so far – and what they think of Bitcoins.

Image The Hill
donald trump’s stance on bitcoins

Donald Trump, at the moment, is one of the most important men not just in the US politics, but also in the global order – he is also a strong 2020 US Presidential candidate as he is the sitting President.

The POTUS has not commented much on Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies to determine an exact ‘stance’ on cryptocurrencies. Some members of the Trump White House such as Mick Mulvaney and Steve Bannon are supportive of cryptocurrencies.

2020 US Presidential Candidate Bitcoin Elizabeth Warren
Image: Boston Magazine

Senator Elizabeth Warren is no friend of the crypto-markets. In the past, she had stressed that the government authorities need to do more to ensure that cryptocurrencies do not harm the authorities. At best she is pro-regulation, but can also prove to be anti-crypto in the long run.

what BERNIE SANDERS thinks of bitcoins

A key figure in US politics and one of the biggest names when it comes to 2020 US Presidential Candidates, Bernie Sanders hasn’t formally had a stance on cryptocurrencies. However, he is a democratic socialist – and many believe that he supports the idea of cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, this comedy central sketch shows him asking for cryptocurrency donations. Now this is just a parody video – but it makes you wonder!

what tulsi gabbard thinks of bitcoins

Tulsi Gabbard is another interesting 2020 Presidential Candidate who has been making it to the news frequently. In the past, she had invested in Ethereum and Litecoin and it can hence be safely assumed that she’s pro-crypto or at least not against it.

2020 US Presidential Candidate Bitcoin Kamala Harris
Image Fox News
What kamala harris thinks of bitcoins

Senator Kamala Harris is a popular 2020 US Presidential Candidate. However, her position on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins remains unknown as of now.

john McAfee on bitcoins

2020 US Presidential Candidate Bitcoin John McAfee

John McAfee is a known Bitcoin bull (and a shill) and one of the most controversial names in crypto. Currently under hiding, McAfee has decided to run as an independent 2020 US Presidential candidate. He is the most bullish candidate when it comes to cryptocurrencies.