Kamala Harris has been in the United States Senate for quite some time now and in her presidential campaign slogan “For the people”, she had played it off.

In her native, Oakland, this theme has been a frequent talking point during the 35 minutes address on Sunday.

Kamala Harris’ Presidential Launch 2020: The Rally

Kamala Harris launched her drive for the presidency in front of City Hall. This was done with a rally. During the rally, Harris had switched to politician mode from her current role of attorney general.

In the rally for the presidential campaign, she was in full flow, firing up the crowd with words of inspiration. Kamala fervently hopes that these words will play beyond her hometown.

Kamala Harris : The Promises

In the presidential campaign, she has vowed that she will fight for Medicare for all. Kamala Harris also said that issues like racial justice, universal pre-kindergarten education as well as the rights of women will also be looked upon by her.

Kamala Harris’ Presidential launch: Promise of cut in middle class tax

There are also promises of cut in the middle class tax which Kamala Harris says that she will be paying by reversing the Republican tax.

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Kamala Harris’ presidential launch
Kamala Harris makes several promise in her speech
Source: QZ

The Republican Tax has been approved in 2017 which offers grants to the top earners. Kamala Harris says she will reverse these grants to divert the benefits to the middle class.

Veiled attack at Donald Trump

Harris has also taken concealed shots at the president of the United States, Donald Trump. The name of the president was not mentioned even once by Kamala Harris, however he was present throughout the speech (at least in major parts of it) like a giant blimp.

She says that America is on a line like never before and that the American dream as well as American democracy is under attack.

The California senator, Kamala Harris decries the leaders in her speech in the rally. Harris did so without mentioning the president, Donald Trump even once.

Kamala Harris’ presidential launch
Veied attacks at Donald Trump in the speech by Kamala Harris
Source: Washington Examiner

These leaders according to Kamala Harris are the ones who attack a free press conference while they as well fan the flames of division and discord. Harris referred to a number of incidences.

One of them was the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue which took place in October. She said that these are not in harmony with the values of the country in her presidential campaign speech.

The immigration policies

In her speech, she also refers to the immigration policies of the Trump.

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The desire for the border wall by the president of the United States also found a place in the presidency campaign speech of Harris.

The border wall project of the president was referred to as  “the president’s medieval vanity project’’ by Kamala Harris.

She says that they must act on the facts of science and not on science fiction.

Other promises

Harris even mentioned a number of issues that she will address as a president. Some of these issues include the disparity in wages between men and women.

Kamala Harris’ presidential launch
Kamala Harris has a good chance in the presidential election
Source: The Globe and Mail

Uneven application of justice in the legal system is also one of the issues that Harris says she will address as a president.

For the presidential election, Harris is bound to have some advantage because of the name recognition.

She also has a track record in the most populous state of the country. In order to gain momentum she will have to differentiate herself from a left leaning pack.

Source: USA TodayNBC News

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