WWE Officially started off it’s ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ with the Royal Rumble. However, after the Monday Night Raw that aired on 25th of February, things seem to finally get heated up. A look at WWE Raw results for 25th February is going to shock and surprise you: two major superstars and one legend returned – and a huge WrestleMania angle has been set up.

WWE Raw Results 25 February 2019 Roman Reigns Returns
Image; WWE

Here’s a closer look at WWE Raw results for 25 February:

WWE Raw Results (25 Feb) Two Major Returns

Monday Night Raw kicked off with a returning Roman Reigns. Back for the first time since he announced that his leukaemia was back, Reigns finally gave us some positive news. He announced that his cancer is in remission and he is getting ready for an in-ring return soon. His return was met with thunderous applause and got everyone excited.

Another major return took place towards the end of the show as former WWE superstar Batista made his return. WWE was hosting the 70th birthday party for Ric Flair. A number of current and former stars were on the screen. However, Flair didn’t turn up. He was later seen backstage dragging Flair across the halls. He simply said: “Hey Hunter, do I have your attention now?”

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WWE Raw Results 25 February 2019 Batista vs Triple H
Image Daily Star (Twitter)

WWE Raw Results: Major Wrestlemania Match Set?

The ending of WWE Raw results for 25 February make it clear that Batista is finally back – and he’s back as a bad guy. His past run as a face was insignificant and fans showed their indifference throughout the run. However, it is clear that this angle is going lead towards Batista vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 35 in April 2019.

WWE Raw Results 25 February 2019 Ric Flair Returns
Image WWE (Twitter)